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Durukan family had been in food industry as of 1976 as distributor, wholesaler and supermarket owner. With the vision of growing the business, Durukan focused to be a producer of confectionery products in 1993.

Durukan Confectionery first started to produce lollipop products in order to sell in the domestic market, under the Durukan brand. Afterwards, the company have grown in export sales with Durukan brand.

Until 2003 PepsiCo distributed Durukan branded products in the domestic market. In 2003 PepsiCo launched its own candy brand called Rocco, which is the second biggest candy brand in Turkey now. With this decision, Durukan Confectionery became sole producer of Rocco Lollipop and Rocco Rengarenk "coated chewy candy" items for Turkish market. Durukan Confectionery is still one of the biggest suppliers of PepsiCo Europe.

Durukan products sell all over the world (including U.S.A., European Countries, MENA Region and Far East Countries) as one of the biggest and candy, lollipop producers.

With the success of growth in domestic and export markets, Durukan Confectionery have developed itself by its investments for building a state of the art factory, increasing lollipop capacity and also adding coated chewy candy & center filled hard candy products to the portfolio. All these investments have started to run in the new factory of Durukan Confectionery in 2014.

Amongst these investments, the most challenging product range was the “coated chewy dragee" product. The scientific research and production preparations were carried out for three years and this challenge concluded with a great success. At the moment, Durukan Confectionery is the second biggest producer in this range worldwide with excellent quality. Durukan has two main brands U & JOX. U brand stands for a promise of a cool fun with a communication targets young people. U brand has 5 sub-brands which are U Too, U Pops, U Rock, U Fresh, U Joy. Jox is a child brand that keeps mother as the guards of their health and it refers to childish fun, surprise, harmless in mother's eyes is a trusting brand.

Durukan Confectionery produces fruity chewy candies, Lollipops with various center filling & flavors, 2 colored lollipops with real fruit juice, hard candy; gum and various filling flavors, and Fruity and Sour flat lollipops with various flavors, chewing gum filling mint bonbons, and chewy filling milk bonbons.

Durukan Confectionery has the highest management and production capabilities. These capabilities are certified by several international standards such as AIB, BRC, IFS, Sedex, GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000. In the meantime, Durukan Confectionery is able to make production under Kosher and Halal disciplines.

Furthermore, Durukan Brand is involved with Turquality Brand Support Program. The company is exporting to more than 50 countries with its own brands and as well with private label brands of international companies.

Durukan Confectionery develops innovative and effective solutions to its customers with high quality products and service. On the other hand, serves to its distributers in various countries with full support and marketing activities.

Durukan Confectionery is located in Ankara for the production and carries the sales & marketing activities in Istanbul office.

Durukan Confectionery is always willing to work with reliable partners for a long term sustainable and successful business partnerships in all countries, with providing high quality products and service.

DURUKAN created many brands in the light of consumer researches, with many different products. Adds value to people’s lives. With its solid infrastructure and higher standards provides a peaceful and reliable business environment beyond customer satisfaction.


As Durukan Confectionery employees, we must be honest and fair in all our relations with all people and institutions we are in relation with. The name of our company is a source of pride for us, and its name should recall a feeling of trust in everybody we are related to.

Understanding customers needs and being customer-oriented are significant parts of Durukan Confectionery goals and culture.

There is no discrimination in Durukan Confectionery. Communication should be open, sincere and respectful, and employees should listen to and value each other. In this sense, everyone should contribute to creating an atmosphere of trust that is fair and constructive, that respects the private lives of people and that different ideas are freely spoken in the company.

The main objectives are to find and implement innovations that will enable Durukan Confectionery products, services, the shape of doing business and process to be more effective and productive for both company employees and customers.

At Durukan Confectionery, in order to become a successful institution and to meet the changing needs of our customers, a culture of team working has been adopted by removing both institutional and geographical boundaries. In this sense, from all employees in Durukan Confectionery, it is expected that they bring their knowledge and skills in the company in the sense of both individual work and teamwork.

Leaders are people who create the vision in accordance with the mission of the company and who come forward in order to achieve the goals, direct other people, empower and encourage them and bring out the individual and team success. Leaders are well-connected with all employees to share and support ideas and to promote best practice in the company. Durukan Confectionery aims to create leadership culture in every level of work. In this sense, at Durukan Confectionery, all managers should be role models and mentors to the employees they are responsible for.

At Durukan Confectionery, it is aimed to get results in accordance with our mission and the vision by working in the most efficient way. When Durukan Confectionery employees commit themselves to their work, they should complete their work in the best, most accurate, most productive and timely manner. In addition, they should look for ways to do their work better than in the past.

Durukan Confectionery makes a point of volunteer contribution for a better environment and society. In this sense, it is essential that our suppliers and our business partners comply with international norms such as human rights, occupational health and safety and protection of the work environment.

In addition to our employee, our suppliers and businees partners should be careful not to damage the environment.

Some topics like the transparency of the company's financial reports or the use of the company's facilities for personal interests are important in terms of Durukan Confectionery values. In other words, a transparent and accountable management style is adopted at Durukan Confectionery.

The most important way that Durukan Confectionery follows to reach its goals is to effort continuously for the purpose of making each passing day better than the previous day. The culture of Durukan Confectionery is based on the concept of 'continuous improvement' as its main activity with the full participation of all employees in order to approach zero mistake, maximize productivity, provide 100% customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Durukan Confectionery adopts a lean production approach that simplifies the process of production by purifying wastage in order to perfect all activities and capture the maximum product quality. With the simple and transparent understanding, all employees within the company should be able to see the whole system and create value.

In the llight of art, science and philosophy, Durukan Confectionery always aim to keep the level of welfare of the nation and the country high on the basis of contemporary society. In Durukan Confectionery, a culture of working equally is adopted regardless of any differences in the sense of opinions, beliefs, gender, ethnicity and language.


Durukan Şekerleme San. Tic. A.Ş.

Istanbul Marketing & Sales Office

Mahmutbey Mahallesi 2414. Sokak YT Blok
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Headquarters & Factory

A.S.O 1. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi
Dağıstan Caddesi No:11
06935 Sincan - Ankara / TURKEY - Türkiye
Phone: +90 (312) 268 71 71
Fax: +90 (312) 268 73 73
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